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Jan 03, 2017



Start Small. But Start!

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The importance of starting small and setting realistic goals is essential when we're new to an in-depth craft such as photography - (it helps with every other goal too!)


So Much to Learn!

For anyone starting out and learning photography or any other creative arts skills it can seem overwhelming when we start to explore all the effort and studying that goes into producing quality work.  Photography presents its own unique challenges in that it includes both technical and artistic skills.  Learning the fundamentals of exposure, lighting principles and laws, lenses, and all the terminology can seem overwhelming. In addition, the learning journey includes the study of composition, color theory. and story-telling.  Wow! This seems like a lot and it is!  But not to worry, we just eat this gigantic elephant one bite at a time- and we keep feasting on this fella through our whole creative lives.

Remember Why We Do This Anyways!

Many of us become discouraged or frightened about really committing to learning our craft because we see how much there it to learn and often compare ourselves with the copious amount of high-quality work that is shared every day in galleries and on-line. The challenge when we reach this point is to remember what attracted and drives us to make art in the first place. That rewarding feeling when something turns out great and audiences respond with cheers makes our hearts sing! I know for me personally that it is a source of fuel and re-energizes my drive to continue to improve and create more art.  It is also vitally important to find personal value within ourselves for our ability to identify and value ourselves personally as creatives that each have unique and special abilities to see and represent what we see in our art.  There is no one with your personal vision! No one!

Your Turn.  Challenge Yourself!

Where are we going with this?  As we start a new year the challenge we face is really simple regarding learning our crafts. Start off Small, But START!  If you don’t understand basic manual exposure and the exposure triangle that’s OK.  Set a small goal learn it, then start.  I personally work from my largest goals on project boards, then using post-its break down these overall goals into manageable smaller tasks.  Working in this way really does work and before you know it you’ve checked off not only those exposure settings, but you finished a great book on composition, learned basic Camera Raw processing, and began to learn more about successful color harmonies. The key once again is not looking at the whole mountain we all choose to climb, but the steps that are right in front of us.  If we commit to taking those steps with grace and determination before we know it we’re looking back down that mountain saying:

It can be done - and I DID IT!



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