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Jan 23, 2017



How I Became 'Creative'

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How we define creativity as individuals has many meanings, the important thing is define it to fit you!


Pigeon-Holed Terminology

I’ll begin by saying I both love and despise the word ‘creative.”  To be more specific I think this word gets pigeon-holed with visual arts and we all know that creativity in our work and passions extends far beyond a fine arts print or canvas.  Yes, some of us are driven to create visual art, music, or some other physical expression of our being, but the fact is that any human being that survives in this world today is creative. Enough said, our world is full of gifted thinkers and problem solvers that create solutions that will likely impact humanity more than any gallery piece making into the galleries and art history books.

My Personal Discovery

My personal creative spark was ignited at about the age of 10 when I was gifted a calligraphy set by my great aunt. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when I opened it in front of her, but she told me “try this, practice at it, you might like this.”  The kit had a few different sized nibs, a simple plastic quill, parchment papers, a guide book, and the big daddy of all…  permanent india ink! Talk about how to make a 10 year old parent’s nervous! The long and short of it is I fell in love with the challenge and reward of creating attractive lettering with all the serifs and naturally curvaceous lines associated with each style. This was my beginning of seeking creative artistic expression and I was never the same.  This was my spark for the gas can... it produced a feeling of that I chase in every work I create today.

Formal Education and Creativity

Is education really necessary to be successful at creating artworks?  Absolutely it is necessary!  However this important education for creative growth is learning about SELF. Inflection is an important word in my daily vocabulary as I envision what my compositions will look like in my work and where I see beauty and harmony.  So about the formal education… I have degrees in visual art and graphic design and there are a lot of rules and principles.  The great thing about these parameters are that they serve as a guide and a ‘wireframe’ if you will to connect imagery to the human brain.  That being said, we have an expression that says- “When you know the rules, you can break them.” The bottom line is self expression in the arts requires no degrees or training ... connecting with others through our art is a natural process that we are gifted with as human beings.  I will say though that I think both anthropology and psychology should be part of core-curriculum for creative arts studies in basic undergraduate studies

for those pursuing higher education in the arts.

Challenge Yourself and Open Your Mind!

Where I’m going with this is that it's essential to pursue self exploration to enhance our self expression and creativity. It’s about becoming open-minded to trying new forms of expression - for photographers this may be perhaps diving into abstract photographic expression when your strictly a wildlife shooter, or diving into black and white work, when your used to primary shooting at the botanical gardens. Point being, we don’t know what we don;’t know until we see how different art forms feel to us.  When you find you’re passions, trust me you’ll know it. For some artists this is more than one form of expression and that’s great too!  Challenge yourself to find your very own personalized ways to express yourself that express your spirit, your view of our beautiful world, and tell your very unique story to the world.



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