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Nov 30, 2106



What Story Do Your Images Tell?

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What is it that creates that feeling of ‘wow’ in a photograph we happen upon when browsing on-line or better yet strolling through a gallery / museum? Is it people, the colors in the image, the content, all of them?



As we are all uniquely beautiful creatures of perception we are hard-wired to be attracted to outside elements (such as images) that resemble — us.  Positive associations that we see in an image of a landscape or baby-faced toddler that make us pull the ‘like’ trigger are simply reflections of who we are - or perhaps who we want to be.

So that leads me to how I assemble compositions in my own creative process within my photography.  I find myself naturally returning to an as semblance of line, shape, and form in my viewfinder that create a pleasing unity and interest that I myself find pleasing.  As I write this I’m smack in the middle of my next degree program studying Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD), and the main story is — TELLING A STORY. For now we have had some liberty in illustrating stories that are of interest to us, but the transition is already taking place where we have to tell someone else’s story.

One key thing I am learning as a visual professional is that preplanning the story in my head prior to arriving on location is essential towards providing a direct goal for a successful image.


The challenge in visual story telling with a fixed set of elements is to become open minded and observant of your subject(s). What I am finding is that when start to think of how others may appreciate how I assemble a composition- I find that there are some pretty solid similarities into what we all perceive as attractive and pleasing. This is a not a hard and fast rule, however the more I learn about how people respond to specific elements of design - the more I see constant commonalities.

Your Turn

To challenge ourselves:

* Visualize with your eyes closed in a relaxed position what you envision your story to look like before you arrive on location.

* Carefully look for relationships of each element in your composition and evaluate the strength if their inter-connection.




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